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Sustainable Development

Our World

As a global company and citizen, we at CEMEX understand and have embraced our responsibility to address some of society's largest and most complex challenges, including climate change and access to housing and community infrastructure. These require continuous and consistent engagement with civil society, environmental groups, governments and regulators, academic institutions, and the media. We listen to the concerns of stakeholders around the world to ensure that we are meeting new sustainability challenges as they arise.

By working to address these issues we move closer to our ultimate goal: to be the company and brand of choice for all of our stakeholders. By helping them to prosper, we create the conditions that ensure our company's long-term success.

Governance and management

Our strategy to address climate change focuses on reducing our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, increasing energy efficiency through cutting-edge technologies and the use of alternative raw materials, using biomass and other alternative fuels, using renewable sources of electricity when feasible, researching new carbon capture and storage technologies; and the disclosure and audit of our emissions. A key part of our strategy is also to promote the use of our products in sustainable construction.

Our World

As part of our efforts to address environmental issues and climate change, we have implemented a systematic approach to ensure that biodiversity management is embedded in our decision-making processes, whether we are developing a nature preserve, conducting extractive operations, or building a new plant. This approach encompasses the entire lifecycle of any site, including development, operation, rehabilitation, and aftercare. We also seek to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity to addressing climate change through our conservation efforts and partnerships.

We also work to reduce other local environmental impacts associated with our operations such as noise, air emissions, and water impacts.