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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Products, Solutions and Services

Providing enhanced value to our customers and end users through sustainable products is one of CEMEX´s main strategies for growth ensuring that top-end concrete technology is adequately developed and delivered to fulfill their challenges.

CEMEX does more than manufacture concrete, we develop innovative solutions that advance the sustainability of structures made of this material. By leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge and state-of-the-art expertise on the constituents of concrete (cement, aggregates and admixtures) we can offer a customer centric approach for product development: “Concrete by Design™”.

This enables customers to design and construct sustainable buildings that take advantage of the benefits of concrete in a wide range of applications.

Balancing Performance and Sustainability

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Balancing Performance and Sustainability

Experts from our R&D Center in Switzerland in collaboration with our Cement and Ready-Mix Technology Center in Mexico design products that fulfill the construction industry´s increasingly demanding performance requirements. Thanks to the use of CEMEX admixtures, which enhance the performance of our products in a unique way, the company offers a special concrete portfolio, lead by our Global Brands:

Insularis – Structural light weight and ultra light weight thermal insulating concrete.

Promptis – Rapid hardening concrete solution that can help save time during construction.

Evolution – Ultra performance self compacting concrete.

Hidratium – Self curing, crack resistant concrete technology.

Supaflo C – Cement-based, selfleveling screed that is easy to pump can be used in areas subject to wet conditions.

Pervia – Permeable concrete that can be used in large areas of surfacing and minimizes water runoff.

Ready Wallform – Energy efficient insulated concrete system that is quick to construct.

Green Building Services

CEMEX partners with national and international experts to complement our skills and provide a complete array of specialized services in sustainable construction. Working collaboratively, we integrate all members of the construction value chain to optimize results and maximize profits.


Ecoperating™ Seal Continues to Expand

The ecoperating™ seal was launched in 2012 as a global identifier for our most sustainable products, services and solutions. With the expansion of the scope of the seal to buildings, it has entered into a new phase that allows us to recognize the efforts of our clients to go beyond business-as-usual and deliver truly sustainable projects.

Both the ecoperating™ Building Certification and Product Seal have been rolled out in nine countries on four continents: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Croatia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

Proyectos bajo Certificacion Sostenible