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Sustainable Development

Social and Inclusive Businesses Creation

CEMEX is dedicated to ensuring sustainability is fully embedded into every aspect of our business.

That’s why, in addition to providing products and solutions that contribute to more sustainable cities, we go above and beyond, collaborating with local communities to ensure everyone has access to adequate resources. CEMEX is committed to the development of businesses with a purpose through social and inclusive business opportunities that focus on providing the necessary tools and skills and bringing together citizens and local authorities to work on the issues society is facing.

Our initiatives foster empowerment and growth, creating lasting sustainable value.

Growing Platform

With the firm objective to contribute to the mitigation of poverty in our communities, CEMEX has developed self-sustaining business models in the construction industry. We work with low-income community members as partners, consumers and suppliers through a portfolio of programs that cover the following needs:

  • Savings and credit
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Basic services

Patrimonio Hoy

Patrimonio Hoy is our flagship inclusive business that helps low-income families improve their quality of life through better and dignified housing, realizing their dream of home ownership through a wellplanned savings program.

Sustainable Products, Solutions and Services

Patrimonio Hoy operates in Domincan Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Combining the global presence of CEMEX distribution with the power of microcredit, the program offers integral solutions to families by providing financial and technical assistance in the construction of their homes. With more than 100 offices in Latin America, Patrimonio Hoy enables families to build or improve their homes quicker, more efficiently and with more durable and insulating materials – concrete, cement blocks and steel – that would otherwise be beyond their means.

More than 570,000 families have received support from the program and built homes at one-third of the cost and in one third of the time. That’s 4.3 million m2 of livable space acquired.

Productive Centers of Self-Employment (PCS)

To foster self-sufficient, sustainable communities, CEMEX created productive centers of self-employment (PCS). These spaces allow participants to produce concrete blocks and other precast products, half of which they can use to build, repair or expand their homes. Municipal or state governments purchase the other half for infrastructure development. The resulting proceeds are reinvested in the centers to make them self-sustaining.

We currently operate 154 PCS across Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama, and the program continues to grow. More than 225,000 people have benefited from this social business.

Balancing Performance and Sustainability


Through our Construapoyo program, CEMEX facilitates the distribution of funds for the construction, repair and extension of homes with a prepaid debit card system, creating a transparent process through which aid recipients are able to purchase the building materials they need.

As of 2016 more than 171,000 people in Mexico and Colombia have benefited from this program since it started.


Improving access to affordable housing is a multi-dimensional challenge requiring numerous approaches. Many low-income families not only lack access to financing for purchasing building materials and hiring masons, they also lack the technical skills needed to build safe and sustainable houses. Construyo Contigo is designed to improve housing for low-income families by offering the training, funding and technical assistance they require to construct their own homes. Its business model is based on public-private partnerships with governments, non-profit organizations, universities and communities.

To empower low-income families and improve their housing, Construyo Contigo combines the following four programs and practices:

  • Productive Centers of Self-Employment (PCS)
  • Construapoyo
  • Housing Construction Technical Assistance & Training
  • Psychosocial Intervention & Evaluation

As of 2016, almost 30,000 people in Mexico and Colombia have resulted beneficiaries from Construyo Contigo.

Green Technologies Provide Access to Basic Services

Joining forces with social entrepreneurs, CEMEX creates affordable community solutions that provide access to basic services such as clean water, energy and waste, among others.

The CEMEX eko stove is more efficient, takes less time to install, is more durable and requires less maintenance than similar models in the market. As of 2016, more than 18,000 CEMEX eko-stoves have been installed.

Balancing Performance and Sustainability