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Sustainable Development

Satisfied Customers and Responsible Suppliers

At CEMEX we create value by leveraging our global portfolio of cement, ready-mix, aggregates and related products and solutions. Nonetheless, to be a truly solutions-driven company means more than simply producing and selling our products. It’s about connecting with our entire value chain.

At CEMEX, our core strategic goal is to become the most customer-oriented company in our industry. Our success is directly dependent on theirs, meaning that in all of our markets we must become our customers’ best option.

We are investing time into building strong relationships, actively listening to make sure we fully understand customers’ needs.

To help us achieve these customer focused goals, the CEMEX Commercial Council was created to promote and align all initiatives and ensure these efforts receive expert support and guidance. We are investing considerable time and effort in commercial excellence across our global organization. Our Commercial Academy, the institutional training for our sales force, is continuously looking for ways to expand and provide new customer-centric courses that create results and value for our customers now and down the line.

Promoting Supplier Sustainability

To promote the importance of sustainable practices across our supply chain the Supplier Sustainability Program was launched. Extending CEMEX’s commitments, practices and beliefs to our suppliers, we’re fostering a sustainable, reliable network. In 2015, more than 2,800 suppliers were assessed using sustainability criteria, which concluded that 70% of the countries in which we operate use formally recognized sustainability criteria in the selection of suppliers and contractors.

The program consists of four key phases:

  • Surveying suppliers regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial topics.
  • Enacting a communication campaign based on the survey results.
  • Reinforcing awareness of specific policies that incorporate aspects of sustainability including human rights, labor and antitrust, as well as the Code of Conduct when Doing Business with us, based on our CEMEX Code of Ethics and the UN Global Compact 10 principles.
  • Preparing a scorecard to track and reward sustainable suppliers.

As part of the program, we work with a third-party sustainability supply management firm that monitors suppliers in terms of social, environmental, ethical and financial performance. Once evaluated, suppliers receive an individual report identifying areas for growth.

Balancing Performance and Sustainability