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Sustainable Development

Resilient and Low Impact Infrastructure

As urban populations grow and climate change causes more extreme weather, the need for resilient infrastructure is growing exponentially.

CEMEX focuses on balancing this increasing demand for resilient infrastructure that serves societies’ needs with products, construction practices and maintenance that have minimal impact on the environment.

Concrete is the second most used resource by humans after water, forming the basis for much of society’s infrastructure.

Please visit CEMEX’s position on Infrastucture and Regulation here

Concrete is an essential component to the development of resilient infrastructure. CEMEX is a leader in building large infrastructure projects and solutions such as highways, airports, roads and bus lanes, among others. We address the challenge of creating a sustainable urban environment by striving to understand the environmental and social benefits and impacts of concrete and its varied applications.

Key sustainable attributes of concrete include:

  • Strength and durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordability
  • Fire-resistance
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Local production and use
  • Less solar heat absorption
  • Water management

We have a portfolio of competitive technologies to pave the world with concrete

Proyectos bajo Certificacion Sostenible

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