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Our Neighbors

At CEMEX, we seek to ensure that we are a good neighbor and an active and positive part of every community in which we operate. To meet this objective, and to move closer to our vision to build a smart world together with our stakeholders, we seek to minimize our local impacts, develop strong long-term relationships with local community members, and contribute to socio-economic development wherever we operate. Promoting education and training opportunities in schools and universities, including funding cultural and sporting activities. Fostering local environmental awareness projects and encouraging employee volunteering.

A key aspect of our sustainability strategy is to create social value in a manner that is aligned with our core business strategy and values. Toward that end, we often conduct social and environmental impact assessments and seek to minimize the possible negative impacts of our operations while providing communities with opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Social investment

Our Neighbors

Continuous community dialogue and action are critical to our ability to execute our sustainability strategy and operate our business. Therefore, we work with neighbors before we begin operations and maintain an ongoing conversation with them to improve mutual understanding of our business and impacts, as well as their views.

Because our operations often form a major part of our local communities—we often employ community members and work with local suppliers—we focus on building trust and open dialogue with our neighbors.

Our policy is to participate with communities openly and directly in order to build trust and address their concerns. Our strategy is to continually improve and standardize our approach to community engagement. We find what works and what is mutually beneficial for both the community and CEMEX, and we seek to systemize that practice across our operations. Most of our cement and aggregates sites have community engagement plans in place that include, for example, site visits, open days, and social investment projects. In addition, in some countries we have assembled community advisory councils to help us strengthen dialogue.

Our social investment initiatives are part of community engagement plans and are designed with a long-term perspective and in collaboration with neighbors. Our efforts also seek to leverage our core competencies and assets. Ultimately, they help to build trust and relationships and secure the growth of our business. We have developed specific social investment guidelines, which provide a common global framework designed to support the planning and execution of social investment strategies in all countries.

Our social council brings together managers responsible for social initiatives in each region of operation. The council is charged with consolidating and aligning our social investment guidelines to encourage a common approach among business units, countries, and regions.