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Sustainable Development

Engaging and Retaining Our Talent

At CEMEX, we value our employees. Our people are our competitive advantage and the reason we are successful. That is why we hire the best and the brightest, and we take care of them.

We are a dynamic organization that provides growth opportunities for our people, helping them fulfill personal career ambitions. We identify future leaders, enabling and encouraging them to develop innovative processes and assess risks and opportunities for improvement among our operations. In addition, we foster an open dialogue at all times, encouraging our employees to raise questions and speak up when something is off track and provide ideas for how to solve issues that may arise.

To ensure each and every one of our employees receives the benefits that matter most to them, we implemented approximately 600 employee engagement initiatives. To keep our efforts on track, our Engagement Survey, collects feedback from our employees on a number of topics including development, compensation, leadership communication and worklife balance, among others.

We share these results with our leaders and HR professionals. Providing them with the information they need, we empower managers to take immediate action and help us identify areas of improvement at a global, regional and local level.

Enabling Continuing Education

At CEMEX, we understand that education is a building block for success and holds a valuable purpose and place in the workforce. We foster our employees’ professional growth, helping them fulfill their career ambitions through continuous training and development opportunities that enhance their skills and enable them to work smartly, safely and effectively. Our training topics include Health & Safety, Environmental Conservation & Awareness, Stakeholder Engagement, Building Commercial Capabilities and Leadership Development.

Ethics-related Training Sessions in 2016

Developing Effective Leaders

At CEMEX, we believe that leadership is a key component of our success. With true leadership, teams are more focused, more efficient and more effective in meeting customers’ needs. This environment brings out the best in people, serves customers at a higher level and translates into better bottom-line performance. CEMEX has a institutional portfolio of leadership development programs to ensure the continuous presence of leaders that, regardless of seniority or position, keep learning to maintain our sustainable competitive advantage and enhance their professional and personal growth.

Fostering Positive, Productive Interactions

To empower career growth and ensure all expectations are met, we believe open communication is crucial. Through our Career Building initiative, managers and employees meet four times a year to discuss employee career progress, performance and results. The meetings are designed to align individual objectives to the company strategy and improve overall satisfaction.

Competitive Compensation Schemes

We hold our employees in high regard and aim to provide them with the tools and resources they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. At CEMEX, we provide competitive compensation designed to support the present and future well-being of our employees.

We constantly look to replicate best practices with the objective to offer our employees attractive benefits beyond the stipulated by local legislations.

For example, over 86% of our global workforce has health and insurance benefits above those required by the local law, including countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico, among others. Moreover, approximately 50% of our employees receive a pension scheme that goes beyond local requirements.


CEMEX understands the importance of balance between work and personal life. That's why we encourage our employees and provide them with the means to achieve that perfect balance. Initiatives vary locally and are pushed by the employees and their respective Human Resources department.

In Mexico, for example in some of our corporate operations we have started the program "Summer Fridays", which consists in working till 15:00 during this season. This program was launched so that our employees could take advantage and spend more time with their family and loved ones during the weekend. In Spain our collaborators have a similar program, but it lasts the whole year.

In Switzerland, in the building of CEMEX Research Group AG, employees cannot keep working after certain time in the evening, and they must leave the building

Our operations in the South, Central America and the Caribbean (SCA&C) region (Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama) have implemented the “More for You” program which includes initiatives such as additional vacation days to those established by law, free day on employee’s birthday and a cake for them to share with their families, discounts on vacation plans, etc. In Haiti activities are organized to keep employees motivated: Spend a day at the beach, year-end party for employees and their families, and health and wellness campaigns.

In UAE they give their workers who are staying in the company provided housing, the opportunity to travel around the UAE during their holidays. If they want to go for prayers to a certain Mosque, we also provide the company bus. The accommodation is provided with some games equipment which they can use during their day off. We also sponsor Sports Tournament. Weekend outing trips for workers.

Our business units focus in supporting women with children through a flexible schedule which allows them to comply with both their duties in the company and as mothers. CEMEX also offers the alternative of working from home in the afternoons (if the position’s responsibilities allow it). Additionally some of CEMEX sites offer mothers private breast-feeding facilities. In some countries the company carries out forums for its female employees to promote women empowerment in their personal and professional roles.

As these cases there are many more throughout our operations. 80% of the countries in which CEMEX has operations have initiatives that encourage employees to have a proper work-life balance.


At CEMEX we give great importance to the quality of life of our employees by promoting a healthy lifestyle through the following initiatives:


  • Healthy food choice in canteens
  • Sport classes
  • Information about healthy habits through emails, posters, and our internal social network SHIFT
  • Tournaments and internal competitions
  • Nutritionists in some operations
  • Agreements with gyms
  • Sponsors in sporting events
  • Tigres Football Academies in Mexico
  • Recreational Club CEMEX in Monterrey
  • Running club with trainer in some operations

For example, in the Philippines and in the United Kingdom some initiatives that have been implemented this year include sports activities and some excursions. Other example is "The Biggest Loser", which is an internal competition in which employees that desire to participate, compete to reach their own weight reduction goal with exercise and healthy nutrition habits.


Stress management activities are carried out in various ways throughout our operations, including the sport activities previously mentioned. For example in our corporate offices, Yoga, photography and painting classes are offered once a week for all employees. We also provide information with recommendations to reduce stress in E-Mails or posters. We are testing the concept of “Mindfulness” in some of our operations as well. Furthermore, in our operations in Germany we have performed risk assessments concerning mental stress as well as mitigation actions where needed.