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Sustainable Development

Business Ethics, Compliance and Transparency

At CEMEX, we must comply with all applicable laws and policies, without exception. To instill a strong, responsible culture within our workplace, CEMEX recognizes that “Act with Integrity” is one of the five main values that reflect who we are as a company and guides our daily actions and decisions.

All of our employees are informed about CEMEX business ethics principles in various ways, including via our Code of Ethics, internal communications and displays, face-to-face legal training, audits, global legal compliance policies and intranet training modules.

CEMEX Reporting Line – ETHOSline

CEMEX seeks to ensure that our values remain alive and that our Code of Ethics are upheld. To do so, it’s important all employees feel they have a safe outlet for expressing concerns related to ethics, governance and compliance. At CEMEX, we rely on the ETHOSline as our secure reporting channel. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ETHOSline provides employees with an online portal and phone line for sending comments, requesting advice and submitting complaints. To protect employees, the service is managed by a third-party that gathers incident information, documents concerns and relays the information to CEMEX.

ETHOSline was made available to the public since 2014, providing an outlet where they can voice their concerns and report any suspected violations to our policies, values and Code of Ethics.

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Ongoing Training & Communication

It’s important that our employees have a firm understanding of the values and expectations outlined in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. To keep everyone up to speed, we provide regular training and communication about our policies and human rights issues.

Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery

We have zero tolerance for bribery in any form. Our Anti-Bribery/Anti- Corruption Policy, Antitrust Compliance Policy and Insider Trading Policy further demonstrate our expectations and global standards and are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments and corresponding regulations.

To consult CEMEX's business ethics related policies please access the following links: Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption, Global Anti-Trust, Insider Trading

Global Compliance Program

To further ensure our employees are acting in a manner consistent with our values, CEMEX Compliance Legal Department has permanently implemented the Global Compliance Program with a focus on the most sensitive countries related to corruption risks in our business systems and processes. Through this program, we train our employees with a focus on antitrust, anti-bribery and insider trading issues and execute internal legal audits (dawn raids) also addressing these topics.

Human Rights

The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, the International Labour Organization's Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the Inter American Convention on Human Rights, identify a set of internationally-recognized human rights encompassing a wide range of issues including health, labor relationships, equality, compensation and association. CEMEX's Policy Statement expresses our commitment to comply with applicable laws, regulations, declarations and international treaties on this matter. It is further supported by other Corporate Policies such as: CEMEX Health and Safety Policy, the CEMEX Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, CEMEX Suppliers Code of Conduct When Doing Business With Us, and CEMEX Environmental Policies.

To help us formally implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights we asked Shift, an independent, non-profit center for business and human rights practice whose team of experts was directly involved in shaping and writing the UN Guiding Principles, to help us think through the implications of the Guiding Principles for our business.

To read CEMEX's Human Rights Policy Statement please click Here