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Sustainable Development

Board-level Sustainability Committee

Our Purpose is “Building a Better Future” for all stakeholders, and ensuring sustainability is fully embedded in our business is one of the 4 main pillars of our strategy .

Proyectos bajo Certificacion Sostenible

At CEMEX Sustainability starts at the Board of Directors and is then rolled out across the entire organization.

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of three board members and one secretary and is supported by our Corporate Sustainability function, who reports to the CEO and to a member of the Executive Committee. Moreover through the Global Sustainability Functional Network we implement our main initiatives in all of our businesses across the world.

The Sustainability Committee meets quarterly to assess and guide CEMEX in its sustainability efforts and is responsible for:

  • Ensuring sustainable development is embedded in CEMEX’s short- and long-term strategy
  • Assisting the Board in its responsibilities to shareholders relating to the policies and practices that pertain to the company’s sustainable growth
  • Endorsing CEMEX’s Sustainability Model, priorities and core KPIs
  • Assessing the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives and the progress of implementation
  • Providing guidance to the CEO and Executive Committee on key strategic sustainability decisions
Proyectos bajo Certificacion Sostenible