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We are pleased to present our new Sustainable Supplier Policy, a business development that includes sustainability as a key tool for assuring present and future progress. According to this, CEMEX has decided to award its most sustainable suppliers with the “Eco-operating with the environment” distinction, a title that will also allow them to have advantages in future negotiations.

The Policy provides a series of principles that assure a sustainable supply chain and the right system to evaluate and classify suppliers in four groups, according to their level of sustainable development in relation to the grade they obtained.

  • Operating: Optimal suppliers that only incorporate sustainability in a very low level.
  • Operating with the environment: Optimal suppliers that incorporate sustainability in their processes.
  • Cooperating with the environment: Optimal suppliers that have constant practices focused on sustainability.
  • Eco-operating with the environment: Considered Sustainable Suppliers, this category will include businesses that apply policies and methodologies of continuous sustainable development in its different departments; at the same time they should be doing follow-up and searching for constant improvement in every aspect of the business.

Supplier Sustainability Policy


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