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Dear Suppliers:

Procurement and Accounts Payable are happy to inform you that as part of our continuous improvement process we have implemented a new web-based tool and would like to make it available to you. This tool will allow you to carry out invoice formalities for payment purposes.

This new tool which will be available to our suppliers has been named e-balance, it will allow the following:

  • Inquire on a pre invoice status, which will be the basis to create your invoice. This section will provide you with the necessary information to generate your invoice for the goods and services that we have registered with your company, that is, you will inquire on the available data, to ensure that the information is correct and invoice CEMEX for the same amount.
  • Inquire on your outstanding invoices issued to CEMEX. In this section suppliers can inquire on invoices that have been processed to see when the date the invoice will be paid. This will allow you to plan your operations by being aware of your future cashflow.
  • Inquire on your payment history. This section will allow you to check on the status of invoices that have not been paid and on those that have already been paid. History will comprise of payments starting from the date you registered as a supplier on our website.

To register please follow the steps below:

1) Supplier number will be requested from you in the registration form, so keep it at hand.

2) Access CEMEX internet page depending on applicable Country: