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CEMEX supports restoration of 3,500 year-old Mortuary Temple for one of Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs

Date published: June 19, 2013

CEMEX is an important sponsor of the excavation, restoration, conservation, and site management of the Mortuary Temple of Thutmosis III, located on the west bank of the Nile River at Luxor in southern Egypt. Considered the “Napoleon” of Ancient Egypt, Thutmosis III reigned from 1479 to 1425 BCE and was one of the most powerful pharaohs in the history of Egypt.

The Temple of Thutmosis III

“CEMEX is proud to be part of the restoration of the Temple of Thutmosis III. This multidisciplinary project will save a great pharaonic monument and provide training and research opportunities for Egyptian professionals interested in artistic and archeological excavation. In addition, it will encourage tourism and engage local communities who rely on tourists for their livelihoods,” said Sergio Menendez, President of CEMEX in Egypt.

Started in 2008, the project is a collaborative effort between the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt and the Academy of Fine Arts of Seville in Spain. Probably built in the 43rd year of the reign of Thutmosis III, the temple was dedicated to Amun-Ra, the chief deity of the Egyptian empire. Among other interesting artifacts, the excavations of the temple revealed some magnificent polychrome bas-reliefs, including two that are now on exhibit at the Luxor Museum.

“Thanks to the support of CEMEX and our other sponsors, we will be able to extend our work season to three months each year. This gives us a greater opportunity to increase our knowledge of the temple and to restore and preserve more of this significant monument,” said Dr. Myriam Alvarez, the Project Manager.

The Temple of Thutmosis III

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