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New Israel national railway infrastructure project built with CEMEX’s innovative building solutions

Date published: April 30, 2013

CEMEX in Israel is providing innovative building solutions for Israel’s new railway infrastructure project that is expected to significantly enhance transportation and overall accessibility from peripheral areas to the center of the country, reduce road accidents, and lessen environmental pollution. CEMEX has supplied approximately 100,000 cubic meters of concrete for the first stage of the project, and is expected to supply 70,000 more for the second stage.

New Israel national railway infrastructure project built with CEMEX’s innovative building solutions

This major infrastructure project has been declared a National Project and includes building a railway from the Ashkelon train station south to Be'er- Sheba, through the towns of Sderot, Netovot, and the Ofakim train station. The section between Ashkelon to Netivot is scheduled for completion in the coming months.

The contracting firms of Solel-Boneh and Eliyakim Ben Ari are in charge of construction, with CEMEX supplying both logistical expertise and an entire range of specialty concrete products. For this purpose, an additional production facility was added to the company's nearby Netivot plant, which is the most sophisticated concrete facility in the country.

“The project has many engineering complexities and requires the intensive use of specialty ready-mix concrete products as well as pre-fabricated concrete elements,” says a representative for the project’s contractors. “The materials provided by CEMEX have complied with the highest standards of quality.”

More than simply supplying materials, CEMEX is providing an array of tailor-made building solutions and specialty ready-mix products which include:

  • Quick-setting and self-leveling concrete used for covering and filling reinforcement bars set closely together
  • Spray concrete (also known as shotcrete) which is used to avoid plastic cracking
  • CLSM - Self leveling industrialized excavated mix as replacement for compacted earth
  • High-volume concretes which require strict temperature control
  • Large quantities of underground concrete so several teams can work simultaneously, presenting an additional logistical challenge
  • High-strength concrete requiring restrained shrinkage – required for reducing natural shrinkage, sometimes even increasing its volume in relation to the original volume.

CEMEX is proud to be the supplier of choice for this major National Project that will improve the lives of the people of Israel. At a global level, CEMEX does not “simply manufacture concrete”, but develops solutions based on the thorough knowledge and application of concrete technology. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise about the different concrete constituents and their interaction, CEMEX offers its customers “concrete by design”—tailor-made concrete.

New Israel national railway infrastructure project built with CEMEX’s innovative building solutions

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