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Latest tire introduction gives CEMEX significant CO2 savings

Date published: April 11, 2013

With a fleet of 300 cement and aggregates vehicles covering over 15 million miles per year, tires are a key part of the economic equation for CEMEX in the UK. The company started work in 2011 to develop a new strategy and the latest development is the introduction of low rolling resistance tires.

Tire introduction gives CEMEX big CO2 savings

Following field trials in the cement fleet, it has been decided to introduce Continental low rolling resistance tires on a rolling program across the whole fleet. It was found that the tires reduced annual vehicle CO2 emissions by over 3 tons per vehicle, while giving a longer life and fuel savings.

Strategic and smarter use of tires has yielded significant savings. With the construction market under ever increasing pressure these savings go a small way to balance the rising cost of other materials used in the production of vital building materials.

The new proactive and structured approach looked at ways of targeting and reducing waste, testing and finding the optimum tire solutions for different vehicles, with better tire husbandry, extended tire life and improving fuel efficiency.

The fleet tire policy uses a tailored range of Continental heavy goods tires, which are carefully managed and reworked to give maximum life span, optimum performance and fuel economy.

Environmental benefits have resulted through extending the life of the tire effectively giving it four lives. Every retreaded tire can save up to 68 liters of oil, 44g of rubber and equivalent of 182kg CO2 compared to a new tire.

Craig Williamson, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics “Our approach to tires means we are seeing economic and environmental benefits which go some way to off-setting the rising cost of operating a professional fleet”.

By managing its carbon footprint, enhancing its value creation, and engaging key stakeholders, CEMEX continually fosters sustainable practices worldwide and thus building a smarter world together with other actors.

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