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CEMEX benefits over 20,000 drivers in Egypt through its best-in-class safe driving programs

Date published: March 20, 2013

CEMEX in Egypt has provided training to more than 20,000 drivers through its safe driving programs. Only two years after the implementation of the company’s programs for Safe Driving, the number of traffic accidents in the Assiut region of Upper Egypt has been reduced significantly.

CEMEX benefits over 20,000 drivers in Egypt

School for Safe Driving

In June 2010, CEMEX in Egypt launched a School for Safe Driving to help improve safety and reduce traffic accidents. Among other things, the school developed comprehensive audio and video training materials to enhance safe driving behavior. Since its inception, close to 4,000 drivers have joined the program, and more than 2,000 drivers have completed the five driving modules and received Safe Driving Certificates.

Assiut Traffic Authority Safe Driving School

Furthermore, to create a safer environment for the surrounding community in Upper Egypt, CEMEX led an arrangement with the Assiut Traffic Authority to open another Safe Driving School, with a daily capacity of at least 74 drivers in the main traffic authority building. Sponsored by CEMEX, the school is fully equipped with computers, sound systems, display screens, air conditioners, posters, and training materials. Since its inauguration in December 2011, more than 20,000 drivers have attended the school.

“Our safety programs in Egypt follow CEMEX’s best-in-class industry standards. We not only work to improve safety awareness among our employees and contractors in many parts of Egypt, but also maximize our social impact by sharing best practices with neighboring companies and communities,” said Sergio Menéndez, CEMEX President in Egypt.

An integral part of CEMEX’s commitment to sustainability is its continuing company-wide effort to improve workplace and community health and safety.

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