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CEMEX’s PROMPTIS® concrete helps avoid landslide during construction of new underground metro line in Warsaw, Poland

Date published: January 15, 2013

When the underground construction for Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro in Poland had to stabilize the ground in order to avoid a potential landslide that could cause massive delays for the project, CEMEX’s specialty ready-mix concrete PROMPTIS® provided the ideal solution.

CEMEX in Poland provides PROMPTIS® for new metro line

Thanks to its industry-best logistics expertise, CEMEX in Poland was able to provide the perfect amount of PROMPTIS® mix to the construction site in a very short time. It was a non-standard logistic challenge because of the need to quickly change the current production plans and assure a continuous pouring of concrete by redirecting the current production to other plants, organizing material supplies, and reorganizing transportation. This was possible thanks to CEMEX’s ability to quickly install a network of both stationary and mobile plants to respond quickly to customers’ needs and have uninterrupted deliveries over long periods of time.

PROMPTIS® is rapid-hardening, fast-formwork removal concrete that is able to reach early compressive strength in as fast as 4 hours, compared with an average of 18 hours in conventional concrete. Despite its rapid-hardening properties, Promptis® has been designed to retain workability for over 90 minutes, thus allowing the material to be easily handled without the risk of sudden hardening, even under extremely hot weather. Its strength develops in a progressive manner as the concrete ages, resulting in a highly durable material that also exhibits a good resistance to shrinkage cracking. Thanks to this, PROMPTIS® is perfect for any emergency situations where high strength of concrete is required in a short time and finds a wide range of applications in situations where the short construction time is particularly important - renovation and construction of roads, tunnels, bus stations or tram and train track-ways, among others.

Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro is expected to run east-west and consist of seven stations, with portions of it travelling under the Vistula River. Work on the line began in August 2010 and it is expected to reach completion in the fall of 2013. The line is being built using an innovative boring technology which allows for faster construction compared to the first line.

CEMEX develops innovative building solutions that keep the company and its customers at the forefront of the industry. From technical advice to custom-tailored products, the company helps clients build better, faster, safer, and more sustainable structures.

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