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CEMEX participates in reconstruction at UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in Germany

Date published: December 3, 2012

CEMEX is supplying special ready-mix concrete for the 4,900 square meter “Quartier 17” reconstruction project in the historical city center of Stralsund, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site on the Baltic coast of Germany. This immensely complex enterprise is designed to match neighboring historic structures giving the impression of a flourishing medieval town. To complete this challenging task, CEMEX has been in close collaboration with the project’s contractor as well as a team of archeologists.

CEMEX helps in rebuilding of UNESCO Heritage site

Formerly a very densely built area of mostly medieval houses, “Quartier 17” was almost completely destroyed by an air attack in 1944. The area’s immediate architectural surroundings are protected gabled houses typical of the 13th to 17th century Hanseatic era, such as the impressive St. Nicolai church, the old market, and the town hall with its red brick façade. Hence, the challenge was to construct and harmoniously integrate a mixture of several large and many small commercial and residential building layouts, facades, and gable types in a style that blended with this historic site.

“We have been working with CEMEX for a long time and our cooperation is very good. Anybody can build on green field sites, but we are building on the edge of a fine ceramic plate!” says Rainer Mohns, the site manager.

Working with on-site archeologists, the first construction phase began in the spring of 2011. This phase included a two-story underground car park using 2,500 cubic meters of CEMEX ready-mix concrete to create the foundation for 188 parking spaces, covering a space of 6,000 square meters. The second construction phase of the project comprises some 12,000 square feet of rental area accommodating the catering industry, retail space, offices, surgeries, and apartments in five-story structures. CEMEX expects to utilize freely shapeable ready-mix concrete to build inside and outside walls, ceilings, joists, and supports in a manner that respects the cultural heritage of this treasured historic city.

CEMEX is constantly seeking ways to help its customers build superior structures. Through its continuous innovation, the company aims to provide its customers with the best, most viable and creative construction solutions.

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