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CEMEX ready mix concrete used in award-winning architect’s innovative complex in Montpellier, France

Date published: November 30, 2012

CEMEX in France supplied special self-compacting concrete for the Eurêka Centre, an architecturally advanced multi-service building complex in Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast of France. The complex utilizes the aesthetic qualities of CEMEX Advanci® Architectonique concretes in an innovative concept that combines landscaped offices, accommodations, and shared living spaces.

CEMEX concrete used in famous architect’s complex

The community of Montpellier, France’s eighth largest city, chose the creative design of Rudy Ricciotti, the 2006 winner of France’s Grand Prix National d’ Architecture, for the Eurêka Centre, a building complex with 9,200 square meters of total floor area, standing on 7,800 square meters of land. The complex combines an underground car park; a ground floor with a crèche, a restaurant, and 5 shops; landscaped offices on the first and second floors; and 114 apartment hotel rooms on the second, third, and fourth floors—all contained within a structure of massive, yet airy, appearance.

The truly original feature of the project is the exterior facade, where the massive effect sought by the architect was created by using 35-centimeter thick slabs of concrete with a die-cast mineral facing that echoed wood grain. CEMEX provided 4,850 cubic meters of self-compacting concrete in three different formulations, depending on the intended use and the level of finish required. For the critical visible external facades, 1,400 cubic meters of Advanci® Architectonique were poured to meet the high facing requirements.

To execute the project’s demanding architectural requirements, CEMEX formed a close partnership with the building contractor. CEMEX had the task of technical formulation to obtain the greatest possible stability and enduring quality, with checks on each delivery from its Montpellier production unit, while the contractor carefully devised the best implementation procedures. Built in 18 months, the close collaboration and technical exchange provided the people of Montpellier with a showcase Eurêka Centre of architectural boldness and functional success.

This project exemplifies the way that CEMEX continuously interacts with its customers to create more value for them. Drawing from its worldwide expertise, the company delivers distinctive building solutions that set its clients’ projects apart.

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