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CEMEX provides specialty concrete solution for lock connecting main German waterways

Date published: November 22, 2012

CEMEX in Germany is supplying 50,000 m³ of a specialty ready-mix concrete for the highly complex Weser shaft inland lock. The lock connects the river Weser—an indispensable passageway for inland shipping—with the Mittelland Canal at their important intersection near the city of Minden in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. CEMEX offered its customer a comprehensive solution which included the exact products needed to comply with their strict requirements as well as expert logistical knowledge to ensure a safe, timely, continuous pour.

CEMEX provides solution for Weser shaft inland lock

“The particular complexities of this project are the size of the construction site, the enormous quantities of concrete, and the high quality requirements. However, the considerable technical effort is well worth it, as the lock is designed for a life cycle of 100 years,” said Björn Kranz, site engineer.

The first of a series of major concrete placement operations for the floor of the lock chamber began in the fall of 2012. To safeguard the continuous supply of the construction site, nine CEMEX ready-mix trucks, supported by two truck-mounted pumps, supplied concrete at a rate of 110 cubic meters per hour in an uninterrupted, continuous wet-on-wet pour. In subsequent weeks, two further floor layers followed. The groundwork is now complete, and the solid construction work is scheduled to take an additional 15 months.

The new lock chamber, 139 meters long by 12.50 meters wide, will replace the current 100-year old structure, which is too small and inefficient to handle modern motor barges measuring 110 meters in length. The efficient new lock system is designed to include three economizing basins that will save 60% in water usage and allow up- and downstream locking, displacing 25,400 cubic meters of water in only about 37 minutes.

CEMEX continually works to develop solutions to customers’ increasingly complex challenges. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise, the company offers a growing array of tailor-made special concrete solutions to suit each customer’s distinctive needs.

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