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CEMEX provides ready-mix concrete for eco-friendly tramline in Le Havre, France which will run on concrete beams

Date published: November 21, 2012

CEMEX in France has supplied 40,000 cubic meters of concrete for 26.6 kilometers of tracks and overlays for a 13.3-kilometer long “green” tramline in Le Havre, France. For the first time in France, the wheels of the tram will run on concrete beams that will provide greater clearance from the ground, which promotes grass growth and reduces spray between the tracks.

CEMEX provides concrete for tramline in France

The Y shaped route for the tramline connects the west and east stations of the city with the center of Le Havre before following a single line to the Port Océane station. The route enables 90,000 inhabitants, or one third of the population, to access one of the 23 stations along the tramline in less than five minutes’ walk.

Of the 40,000 cubic meters of concrete provided by CEMEX to the tramline building site, 7,000 cubic meters were allocated to filling-in cuttings and foundations for the overhead contact line that supplies power to the trams. The majority of the concrete—33,000 cubic meters—was for the 13.3 kilometers of track platform. The track was raised on concrete beams, creating a trough about 50 centimeters high, which, once filled with earth, provides an ideal space for the natural expansion of vegetation. The concrete beams were poured by CEMEX in two 25 centimeter-high layers to allow better stability of the track.

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