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CEMEX offers superior solution for radiation shielding at California Bay Area medical facility

Date published: September 28, 2012

CEMEX in the USA demonstrated the benefits of using specialty high-density concrete versus steel sheeting for the radiation-proof walls of the X-ray room at a California Bay Area medical facility. On top of ensuring the project’s success, the 195 yds³ of heavy weight concrete required saved the client nearly 30% over the cost of steel.

CEMEX offers solution for radiation at hospital

The most challenging aspect of the job was that the structure demanded a heavy concrete mix surpassing 300 lbs per cubic foot. To meet this requirement, the company identified three high-density aggregates up to five times denser than normal, including steel aggregates, which are more expensive and more limited than regular aggregates. Moreover, the project called for an alternative method for the delivery and placement of the concrete. Upon innovative investigation, the company determined that using a materials handling tower was the safest and most efficient way to produce the concrete mix and manually add the steel aggregates.

“The product’s weight and higher value left no room for error,” said Robert Foley, Quality Control Manager, CEMEX in the USA. “The opportunity to supply high-density concrete pushed us to focus on a safe and efficient method of producing concrete that took into account new and unusual challenges.”

As this project illustrates, CEMEX continually works to develop solutions to customers’ increasingly complex challenges. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and cutting-edge expertise, the company constantly designs and develops specialty products and services that fulfill customers’ demanding performance requirements.

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