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CEMEX presents new prefabricated concrete solution in Germany

Date published: September 11, 2012

Integrated system of CEMEX prefabricated ready-mix concrete elements permits specialized companies to build complete townhouse shell in just one day.

CEMEX presents new concrete solution in Germany

With the rollout of an innovative new roof element, CEMEX in Germany will provide an expanded portfolio of prefabricated concrete components to construct high-quality housing quickly and easily. With this integrated system of components—including wall, ceiling, and the recently introduced roof element—specialized companies can build a townhouse shell in only one day.

The new roof element, a timber-concrete composite construction, was developed by CEMEX in Germany in collaboration with the CEMEX Research Group AG in Switzerland. It combines the strengths of each building material. The renewable material, wood, is light, strong, and easy to work with. The concrete, manufactured from natural materials, offers climatic benefits and is ideally suited for large-scale prefabrication. The roof provides good storage capacity and can integrate skylights, ventilation and cooling, electrical installations, and even a heater.

The solid roof element combines all the advantages of concrete construction—including fire protection, noise insulation, and a comfortable living environment—at the cost of a traditional wooden roof.

“With this high-quality solid roof element, the buyer gets more comfort at comparable costs: security, peace, and a homely atmosphere right up to the roof. Benefits from logistics save valuable time and money. Thus, developers can stand out positively in the urban market,” explains Volker Weidemann, general manager, CEMEX in Germany.

CEMEX develops innovative building solutions that keep the company and its customers at the forefront of the industry. From technical advice to custom-tailored products, the company helps clients build better, faster, safer, and more sustainable structures.

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