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CEMEX wins Forbes “Leaders of Sustainability” award in Poland for CO2 reductions and use of Alternative Fuels

Date published: August 9, 2012

CEMEX in Poland received one of three major awards given at the Leaders of Sustainability 2012 competition organized by Forbes magazine and PwC Consulting. The company earned the award for its overall activity in the field of sustainable development, with particular emphasis on its initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and use alternative fuels.

“Leaders of Sustainability” award

Since 2005, CEMEX has invested more than US$ 175 million, adjusting its production process and installing equipment to prepare, handle and feed alternative fuels into its cement kilns. In 2011, CEMEX achieved approximately a 25% alternative fuel substitution rate in its cement production, one of the highest rates among its global peers. The alternative fuel strategy has enabled CEMEX to avoid the use of close to 2 million tons of coal and the emission of 1.8 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Poland is home to one of CEMEX’s plants that uses alternative fuels the most. In 2011, the Chełm Cement Plant had a substitution rate of more than 77%, exceeding 80% in individual months. CEMEX in Poland has also recently started a partnership with Econ Trade to provide alternative fuels which will be used at the plant.

Evaluating projects submitted by international corporations, medium-sized enterprises, and small companies, the jury granted three first place awards and five honorable mention accolades. The jury found that the top three award winners best apply the principles of sustainable development for building the long-term value of their companies.

At CEMEX, sustainability is embedded in the company’s business strategy and day-to-day operations. CEMEX provides innovative building materials and solutions, minimizes its environmental footprint, and in the end, works to create the greatest value for its stakeholders.

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