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CEMEX provides innovative concrete products for state-of-the-art hospital in France

Date published: June 27, 2012

CEMEX in France is providing specialty ready-mix concrete products and technical services to construct the Ambroise Paré - Paul Desbrief Hospital, one of the country’s most modern medical centers. In compliance with French HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) sustainable building certification requirements, CEMEX is working with a team of companies to build an advanced facility with 97,641 m² of gross floor area—combining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

CEMEX provides concrete for hospital France

The modern 479-bed hospital covers over 85% of the 1.8 hectare mixed development zone of the Cité Mediteranée at Marseille. Among other services, the facility will provide short and medium stay hospitalization, examination, and therapy through a variety of medical imaging, consultation, and emergency departments in an impressive structure with 13 patios that promote the natural lighting of the central premises.

This complex structure’s aesthetic and engineering specifications require a variety of CEMEX specialty ready-mix concretes, which utilize purpose-adapted techniques for their installation. For example, almost all of the concrete must be pumped so as not to saturate the site’s five cranes. Some 15,000 m³ of specialty concrete forms the floors, poles, and internal walls, while another 15,000 m³ of concrete has been poured for external walls. In a highly original application, subject to control by the Nuclear Safety Authorities, the radiotherapy room will use 2,000 m³ of special heavy, high-density concrete to prepare a virtual bunker whose wall mass must stop radiation.

As this project illustrates, CEMEX does more than supply building materials; it provides solutions. From technical advice to custom-tailored products, the company helps clients build better, faster, safer, and more sustainable structures.

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