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Top Czech Architecture Students Experience CEMEX’s Global Research Center in Switzerland

Date published: April 25, 2012

Top students whose architectural designs won recognition at the CEMEX Concrete House competition earned a two-day visit to the company’s world-class Global Center for Technology and Innovation in Biel, Switzerland. Guided by the Head of CEMEX Research Group, Davide Zampini, and Alexandre Guerini, Product Development & Industrialization Manager, the young architects enthusiastically took part in practical demonstrations of state-of-the-art concrete products and discussions with the Center’s management.

“Our entire Swiss team was motivated by the enthusiasm of the young students from the Czech Republic”, says Zampini. “We organized discussion events for this group of valued visitors to get under their skin and get to know their opinions and knowledge.”

The Concrete House Competition was the hot spot of the multi-day “Arch for People” architectural festival, organized by CEMEX at the Czech Technical University Prague. Contestants in the competition designed architectural solutions for the Masaryk Quarter of the Troja district in Prague. Concrete was the core theme of the festival and competition, as well as the winners’ trip to the Global Research Center.

“I’ve always liked concrete and believed in it as a building material. Now I can better appreciate its qualities both from an emotional and structural-technical perspective,” asserted one of the winning student architects.

CEMEX’s Global Center for Technology and Innovation plays a leading role in the company’s research and development activities. Representing 23 nations, the Center’s team of top scientists and specialists spearhead new technologies and solutions for the world’s building materials market.

Davide Zampini leads the visiting architecture students on a tour

Davide Zampini leads the visiting architecture students on a tour

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