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CEMEX wins CemFuels “AF-Using Company of the Year” Award

Date published: April 18, 2012

CEMEX has been recognized with the "Alternative Fuels-Using Company of the Year" award at the 2012 Global CemFuels Conference in Aachen, Germany, given to companies with outstanding performance in the use of alternative fuels.

CemFuels “AF-Using Company of the Year” Award

During the two-day event, which took place in early March, more than 150 delegates from over 20 countries interacted with industry experts and attended 25 presentations on alternative fuels in the cement and lime industries, as well as a plant visit.

“This award recognizes the exponential increase in the use of alternative fuels that we have achieved in the past six years,” says Dr. Luis Farías, CEMEX Vice-President of Energy and Sustainability. “We have set a target of a 35% substitution rate by 2015, and we hope to reach it even before that.”

CEMEX reaps many benefits from its intensive use of more economical, environmentally friendly alternative fuels such as chipped tires, household waste, and biomass. The company is increasingly using alternative fuels to reduce its consumption of carbon-based fossil fuels, protect its business from volatile energy prices, and recover energy from society’s waste.

Global CemFuels is an organization that provides information on alternative fuels for the cement and lime industries. The Global CemFuels Conference is a well-known information exchange forum for alternative fuels usage in these industries.

The use of alternative fuels is a key pillar to CEMEX’s carbon strategy. Thanks to this, and many other initiatives, CEMEX is on its way to achieving its ambitious goal of a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions from its 1990 baseline by 2015.

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