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CEMEX supplies specialty ready-mix concrete to complete new 1,757-meter long road tunnel in France

Date published: March 16, 2012

CEMEX in France is delivering specialty ready-mix concrete to finish the construction of a new 1,757-meter long tunnel designed to double the existing Croix-Rousse road tunnel in Lyon, France. Linked with the current structure, the new tunnel serves as a parallel second roadway and safety gallery, enabling users to evacuate in the event of an accident.

CEMEX supplies specialty concrete for French tunnel

A French consortium was assembled to build this second “green” transport tunnel to supplement the original. Dedicated to alternative modes of transportation, it will have separate lanes for buses, pedestrians, and cyclists.

After the consortium completed boring and stabilizing the new tunnel hole, CEMEX in France was chosen to supply the specialty ready-mix concrete required to install the sealing complex, while simultaneously providing the high-quality final facing for the interior of the tunnel. CEMEX is currently undertaking the complicated task of supplying approximately 20,000 cubic meters of its specialty Hyperfluide ready-mix concrete at a contractually specified rate and temperature for the crown, walls, and flooring of the new tunnel structure.

CEMEX supplies specialty concrete for French tunnel

CEMEX continually works to develop solutions for customers’ ever more complex challenges. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise, CEMEX constantly designs special concrete products that fulfill customers’ and the construction industry’s increasingly demanding performance requirements.

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