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Mexican Center for Philanthropy recognizes CEMEX for the ninth consecutive year as a Socially Responsible Company

Date published: March 14, 2012

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy has given CEMEX its recognition as a Socially Responsible Company for the ninth consecutive year. The company’s CSR programs have benefited over 5 million people in the past 11 years. The recognition was given during the V Congress of Socially Responsible Latin-American Companies which took place on March 13 in Mexico City.

CEMEX recognized as a Socially Responsible Company

Social Responsibility is at the core of CEMEX’s business model, and in 2011 the company strengthened its programs such as Community Development Centers, los Centros Productivos de Autoempleo (Productive Self-Employment Centers), Patrimonio Hoy, Improve Your Street, among many others that work along with communities, governments, NGOs, and the private sector.

Additionally, CEMEX supports small and medium businesses that are part of its value chain such as suppliers, clients, or contractors, so that they can integrate Social Responsibility into their business practices. This helps improve their productivity and the quality of their products and services, at the same time that it fosters the growth of its employees and community development.

CEMEX, throughout its global operations, engages in an ongoing dialogue in order to better understand the needs and concerns of the communities in which it operates. The company then leverages its core business strengths, including its institutional knowledge and experience, its employees' talent and time, and its social investments, to support the social and economic development of those communities.

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