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World-renown architects join over 400 students at CEMEX’s V International White Architecture Congress in Spain

Date published: March 13, 2012

The V International White Architecture Congress, organized by CEMEX’s White Cathedra at Valencia Polytechnic University in Spain united some of the world’s premiere architects with over 400 architecture students to discuss the latest trends and projects using white specialty concrete.

CEMEX hosts V White Architecture Congress

The Congress focused on bringing participants closer to major architecture projects using white concrete that are being developed around the world. Among the world-renown architects which presented their works were Michal and Etan Kimmel Eshkolot from Israel, Preston Scott Cohen from the United States, and from Spain José María Sánchez García and representatives from the architecture house Mansilla + Tuñón.

At the opening ceremony for the event, which took place from March 1 to 3, University President Juan Juliá highlighted the importance of the work of all the attendees in order to foster construction as part of a sustainable future.

“Building has been and must continue to be an important motor for the economy and job creation,” said President Juliá. “We must conceive and create sustainable buildings and infrastructure in partnership with companies that, like CEMEX, provide support with their products and building solutions.”

For the past decade, CEMEX’s White Cathedra has fostered the study and use of white cement in architectural projects, offering practical lessons to university students. The Cathedra is the ideal forum for the company to learn about Architecture student’s needs and interests, as well as an opportunity to transmit knowledge that guarantees the proper use of colored and white cement in the future.

CEMEX is one of the world's largest producers of white cement. Customers use this specialty product in architectural works requiring great brightness and artistic finishes, to create mosaics and artificial granite, and for sculptural casts and other applications where white prevails.

CEMEX hosts V White Architecture Congress

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