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CEMEX wins innovation award for environmental quality in ready-mix concrete production in France

Date published: February 17, 2012

CEMEX in France was recently awarded the innovation trophy from the Centre et Technique du Bâtiment (CTSB or Center for Scientific and Technical Building) for the first ready-mix concrete production unit built in accordance with the HEQ® (High Environmental Quality) approach.

“This recognition once again rewards CEMEX’s leadership in innovation and recognizes our ability to cooperate with all of our stakeholders,” says Michel André, CEMEX President in France. “We owe this award to all of the CEMEX staff who have contributed to this remarkable facility, which today is recognized by the players in construction and the built environment.”

CEMEX competed in the innovative projects (buildings) category, which celebrates innovations that contribute to public wellbeing within a sustainable development framework. The Tolbiac ready-mix concrete plant, located on the banks of the Seine in an up-and-coming district that is close to a university and the French national library, integrates perfectly into its urban environment. At the time of the construction of this facility, CEMEX committed itself to the HEQ® approach and decided to apply the methodology, based on 14 environmental targets.

CEMEX wins innovation award in France

In a major innovation, the banks of the Seine, which up until now had been permanently dedicated solely to industrial activity, are now opened up to pedestrians outside of production hours. From the planting of trees to the renovation of the quayside beside the Ports de Paris to the refined architecture of the buildings and the view of the Seine—everything was designed so the site meets its dual purpose as both an industrial and a public space.

CEMEX is one of the top suppliers of ready-mix concrete in France, with over 200 ready-mix concrete plants in the country. The company is also the world’s leading supplier of concrete.

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