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CEMEX renews agreement to manage protected turtle species at former quarry in France

Date published: January 26, 2012

CEMEX in France recently renewed its agreement with the SEPANSO Landes environmental group to manage the restoration of the “Passage,” its former operations site in the Labatut quarry in southwestern France.

CEMEX protects turtle species at former quarry

When operations began at the “Passage” in the Labatut quarry in 2006, a population of European pond turtles was identified on the site. Once very common, this turtle saw a steep decline in its population in the second half of the 20th century and is now a protected species.

Immediately upon the discovery of this species, close cooperation between CEMEX and SEPANSO Landes allowed the operations to comfortably cohabit with the site’s environmental constraints. The sector for which an operating license had been granted was abandoned, a standard monitoring system was introduced, and the site was managed to encourage species development. All industrial activity at the “Passage” ended in 2009. The initial results of the environmental efforts are very encouraging.

“CEMEX and SEPANSO Landes have constantly collaborated to define and implement the best compromise possible,” says Boris Nito, CEMEX Director for Environment and Land for the Southwest Regions of France. “We are particularly satisfied with the agreement reached with SEPANSO Landes for the restoration of the site known as the ‘Passage’ and thus to be contributing to the maintenance and development of biodiversity in our region.”

CEMEX works diligently to responsibly manage the land within and around its operations. Worldwide, 85% of CEMEX’s active cement and aggregates sites have quarry rehabilitation plans in place, and is on track to reach its target of 100% by 2015.

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