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CEMEX supplies 28,000 m³ of concrete for fragrance factory in Hungary

Date published: December 5, 2011

CEMEX has successfully supplied 28,000 m³ of ready-mix concrete for a new Swiss fragrance factory in the Hungarian city of Mako. The factory will be fully operational in 2013 and will directly account for 300 new jobs.

CEMEX supplies concrete for big fragrance factory

The new production site for a major Swiss fragrance and flavoring manufacturer has a budget of approximately US$ 150 million. It will be a major addition to the city of Mako not only for the direct employment it is creating but also because it will create economic activity from the suppliers that follow it to Mako in order to work more efficiently.

CEMEX continually works to ensure that it remains the supplier of choice for its customers. Through the company’s commitment to teamwork, high quality products, and reliable service, CEMEX looks to create sustainable value for all of its customers.

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