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CEMEX in Germany’s pre-cast concrete elements speed workflow for ultra-modern wing of oncology center

Date published: October 31, 2011

CEMEX in Germany supplied semi-finished, prefabricated ceilings and double wall elements of reinforced concrete for the new seven-story wing of the Westdeutches Tumorzentrum (WTZ), the oncology center on the compound of the university hospital in Essen. The new ultra-modern wing is designed to treat up to 130 oncologic in-patients.

CEMEX helps build wing of oncology center

The 1,208 square meters of prefabricated double wall elements, each over three meters in height, were used for the elevator shafts and a three-story annex linking the new wing to an adjacent building. All of the walls were constructed as stiffening walls to counteract horizontal load components such as overturning and twisting. Moreover, the height of the walls varied from story to story, and frame sockets and power outlets were pre-integrated into the wall elements at the company’s plant.

CEMEX in Germany also supplied a total of 9,347 square meters of prefabricated ceilings, from the first basement floor to the roof edge on the fifth floor. Each story, requiring about 1,500 square meters of ceiling, was installed within three to four days.

The prefabricated concrete elements of the WTZ wing proved an economical and technically sophisticated solution to the challenges posed by this building’s exacting specifications. According to the contractor’s site manager, “The employment of prefabricated concrete components promoted structured workflow and was well suited for this construction project.”

As this story illustrates, CEMEX works to help its customers solve their building challenges. To this end, the company tailors its products and services to suit its customers’ specific building needs.

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