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CEMEX in France equips entire concrete pump truck fleet with real-time data feedback and geopositioning system

Date published: October 3, 2011

CEMEX in France is furnishing its entire fleet of 90 concrete pump trucks with a system of terminals and smartphones that allow real-time invoicing, data feedback, and geopositioning of its vehicles. This system is first in France in the concrete pumping sector.

CEMEX is simplifying and enhancing its concrete pump truck activity by replacing a paper-based process with a system of geopositioning terminals and smartphones. For example, each pump truck operator now has a smartphone that stores electronic delivery notes, formerly printed on paper. Among other things, this allows him to enter numerous items of information during his work, take photographs to display safety issues to the dispatch center, and supply customers and administrative departments with service data. Furthermore, the trucks’ geopositioning terminals enable the company to optimize scheduling and synchronization of deliveries, calculate travel times, optimize the rotation of pump trucks, and improve maintenance management by reporting mileage traveled and number of hours worked by the pumps. Consequently, CEMEX is significantly improving the efficiency, safety, maintenance, and profitability of its concrete pump fleet.

CEMEX in France equips entire concrete fleet with real-time data feedback and GPS

CEMEX partnered with NOVACOM SERVICES, a subsidiary of CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), to accomplish this task. “The CEMEX/NOVACOM partnership was particularly efficient while developing the system, through the synergy of our control of aspects related to the pumping activity and the knowledge of nomad systems provided by NOVACOM and associates. The system is now perfectly robust and fully matches our requirements,” declared Sébastien Burel, CEMEX e-DN project manager.

CEMEX is constantly evolving to become a more agile, efficient, innovative, and competitive organization. In the process, the company identifies and implements new and effective ways to create more value for all of its stakeholders.

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