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CEMEX and partners launch alternative fuels project in the Philippines

Date published: August 31, 2011

CEMEX in the Philippines has partnered with two international environmental groups to implement a joint US$10 M alternative fuels project at its Solid Cement plant in Antipolo, adjacent to Manila. The joint project will convert biodegradable, non-reusable, non-recyclable waste into alternative fuel.

The trilateral partnership will strengthen the companies’ environmental initiatives, contribute to international efforts to address climate change, and respond to the skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels in the world market. Green Siam Resources Corp. and its affiliates will invest in the refuse derived fuel (RDF) plant; International Solid Waste Integrated Management Specialist, Inc. is committed to supply 1,500 tons of raw municipal solid waste for processing; and CEMEX will implement the technology required to consume the RDF at its Solid Cement plant. The project has secured the strong support of the region’s governor and will follow appropriate guidelines to ensure full compliance with environmental laws.

Pedro Palomino, President, CEMEX in the Philippines, concluded, “CEMEX plants all over the world have been doing this for some time. This partnership underscores the urgency of searching for alternative fuels given the continuing rise of oil prices and the need to mitigate industrial carbon dioxide emission. In cooperation with the office of the governor, this partnership will save on fuel costs; will help the communities; and will help to save the earth.”

To reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company’s operations, CEMEX continues to expand its intensive use of more economical, environmentally friendly alternative fuels. The company is increasingly using alternative fuels to reduce its consumption of carbon-based fossil fuels, protect its business from volatile energy prices, and recover energy from society’s waste.

CEMEX and partners launch alternative fuels project in the Philippines

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