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CEMEX in Panama provides turnkey solutions for major transportation and housing projects

Date published: August 30, 2011

Two new major projects in the country of Panama highlight CEMEX’s commitment to its customers. The company is the provider of choice of ready-mix concrete for the country’s new mass transit system, Metrobus, and for a housing project that will provide homes for 400 families. Both of these projects are being undertaken with a turnkey scheme. Turnkey projects are those in which CEMEX goes beyond providing building materials and participates in the actual construction of different structures. The objective is to build structures of the best quality and to give customers integrated solutions.

CEMEX in Panama provides turnkey solutions for major transportation and housing projects


CEMEX has been chosen to provide 120,000 m2 of concrete for the new Panama Mass Transit System- Metrobus. The project entails the paving of the administrative and operative areas of the system. The project’s total investment is of US$25 million and will include parking, fueling stations, bus washing and maintenance areas, as well as administrative offices. Work will begin on August 15 and will take approximately eight months to complete.

Metrobus is one of the insignia projects of Panama’s national government, and along with the construction of Panama’s Subways and a road reorganization program, it will help improve the public transit system of its capital city.

Villas del Lago

The construction of 400 homes has been entrusted to CEMEX as part of the Villas del Lago (Villas of the Lake) housing project in Panama. The full project will comprise 800 homes along with social areas, basketball courts, and an artificial lake, and has a total investment of US$20 million.

The construction method that was suggested by CEMEX makes use of industrialized systems in a perfect combination of products and processes. Approximately 12,000 m3 of semi-autocompacting concrete will be used to develop the project along with a formwork lining system. This will allow for the project to be finished in a shorter period of time while guaranteeing quality finishes and reducing waste. Construction is expected to begin in late September and take approximately 20 months to complete.

The Villas del Lago project will help provide more quality housing options for low-income families. It is very important to CEMEX to participate in projects like these which in addition to providing integral building solutions for our clients, the company helps develop the communities and countries in which it operates.

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