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CEMEX recognized in Spain for best-in-class practices in labor risk prevention

Date published: July 21, 2011

The Baleares Confederation of Business Associations has given CEMEX’s Lloseta cement plant in Spain the award for best business practices in risk prevention. The objective of this prize is to recognize and foster the integration of labor health and safety in a company’s development, as well as educate workers so they can adopt safe behaviors in the workplace.

CEMEX recognized in Spain for best-in-class practices in labor risk prevention

Through these awards, the organization seeks to incentivize and publically recognize the efforts of companies, as well as to promote examples of best practices so they can be incorporated in more other businesses in Baleares, a Spanish province located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Lloseta plant has reached over 730 consecutive days without a lost-time injury, both in personnel and external suppliers. This is due to a series of safety policies and best practices that the plant has successfully implemented.

Ignacio Miranda, Lloseta Plant Director explains; “the plant’s policy on health and safety can be defined with two words, “Zero Accidents”. We work hard to constantly form, involve, and create awareness among workers that the objective can be achieved, and proof of that is our record of over 730 days without accidents. It is crucial that we do not let our guard down and implement all necessary measures to continue pursuing this goal.

The health, safety, and well-being of its people are of paramount importance to CEMEX and are critical to the company’s ability to conduct its business. On a global level, CEMEX continually monitors safety progress to ensure that programs are working as effectively as possible.

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