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CEMEX advances suppliers’ sustainability across its global operations

Date published: July 11, 2011

CEMEX is implementing a Suppliers Sustainability Program across the company’s global operations network. The objective of the program is to ensure that the company promotes and recognizes sustainable practices across the supply chain by extending CEMEX’s sustainability commitment, practices, and beliefs to its suppliers.

CEMEX advances suppliers’ sustainability across its global operations

CEMEX has a Global Procurement function to better align the company’s efforts, support implementation, and share best practices across its global network. Also each of the countries in which CEMEX operates determines the pace of the Suppliers Sustainability Program implementation. Recognizing that the best strategy to effectively achieve suppliers’ sustainability is incremental and continuous, these countries are working to carry out the program in four phases:

Phase 1. Assess a selected group of suppliers’ current commitment to sustainable practices, social behavior, and environmental measures through the creation and publication of a questionnaire

Phase 2. Communicate the company’s sustainable commitment, practices, and beliefs to its suppliers and their internal staff through the creation of a sustainable procurement channel and specific communication campaigns related to sustainability

Phase 3. Inform all of the company’s suppliers of CEMEX’s basic sustainability requirements through clauses within purchase orders and contracts, as well as a code of conduct for suppliers when doing business with the company

Phase 4. Track and reward sustainable suppliers through a scorecard for sourcing decisions

Engaging its stakeholders is one of the main goals of CEMEX’s Sustainability Strategy. By increasingly combining social and environmental factors with financial considerations when selecting suppliers, CEMEX reinforces its commitment towards this goal.

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