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CEMEX provides precast concrete products for new classical arcade at major theme park in Germany

Date published: July 8, 2011

CEMEX in Germany provided modern precast concrete products and solutions for the construction of a new 1900’s style classical arcade for the “Old Berlin” section of Phantasialand, the popular theme park near Cologne, Germany. The new elongated arcade structure forms the eastern border of the “Kaiserplatz,” the center of the theme world “Old Berlin.”

CEMEX increases fun in the Phantasialand theme park in Germany

Because the region is situated within the Rhenish seismic zone, the project’s structural designers imposed precise construction specifications to ensure that the arcade’s solid segmented arched precast concrete walls and lintels were sufficiently stable and strong. Hence, the company used different built-in units and stub bars in the concrete to make the solid walls earthquake proof. Moreover, to ensure strength while reducing component weight, the large summer beams or lintels—12.30 meters long by 1.29 meters high—were made of specialty concrete with a dense texture, light mineral aggregate expanded slate, and increased cement content.

Ultimately, five trucks delivered 20 solid walls with an overall weight of 80 tons to the construction site. There, workmen from different trades, operating in parallel teams in a complex logistical effort, mounted three to four concrete components simultaneously to complete the project.

“Such confined and complex workflow on a construction site can only be achieved with the aid of long-term partners, who have the required know-how and the right production technology,” concluded Hans-Walter Doering, Managing Director of DBV, the building contractor.

CEMEX offers an array of construction products and services to suit its customers’ needs. Among other precast building materials the company offers rail products, concrete floors, box culverts, bridges, drainage basins, barriers, and parking curbs.

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