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CEMEX launches new website for customers and other key stakeholders in Poland

Date published: July 7, 2011

CEMEX in Poland has launched e-cemex.pl, a modern, intuitive web platform for business communication with customers, business partners, and other key stakeholders. As introduced, the site offers four modules available for users: e-Customer, e-Finance, Blog, and Forum.

CEMEX launches new website for customers and other key stakeholders in Poland

e-Customer provides users with the company’s profile and basic information, sales service terms and conditions, and dedicated channels of communication. It also provides an open flow of customer information, including the opportunity to enter and update information, check the site of delivery, and directly contact the CEMEX person responsible for sales service and order fulfillment.

e-Finance is a source of financial and accounting data, including the commercial terms and conditions offered by CEMEX in Poland. The system enables complex filtering, sorting, and saving of data. Customers can view and verify CEMEX invoices and posted payments, ensuring that transactions are settled. They can also check their trade credit limit, usage, and balances on a daily basis.

The Blog is an interactive space for current information and the exchange of knowledge and experience. Customers can read and comment on such materials as trade articles, interviews, and opinions, which are regularly published on the site. The Forum is an interactive place for users to discuss and exchange opinions on specific theme groups, devoted to selected issues of importance in the construction industry.

CEMEX recognizes that customer loyalty happens by design, not by chance. Through such initiatives as e-cemex.pl, the company continuously communicates and interacts with its customers and other stakeholders to identify and implement effective ways to create more value for them.

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