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CEMEX provides 27,000 m3 of concrete for new Airbus 350 assembly facilities in France

Date published: June 7, 2011

CEMEX in France has supplied approximately 27,000 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete for the new Airbus A350 long-range, wide-body, jet airliner assembly facilities near the southwestern city of Toulouse, France; home of the Airbus industry. Scheduled to begin receiving the first components of the A350 in September, these advanced facilities cover more than five hectares and tower more than 36 meters to the top of the hangars’ metal roof trusses.

CEMEX provides 27,000 m3 of concrete for new Airbus 350 assembly facilities in France

This demanding project, which had the distinction of being awarded on the basis of a pre-project summary, has required a high level of precision, flexibility, and responsiveness from everyone involved. The joint venture company, led by GTM, the French construction firm, and CEMEX in France, has worked together successfully in a spirit of partnership, combining their skills to satisfy the project’s exacting requirements.

The major aircraft assembly requires a particularly high level of precision. The equipment, plates, rails, and platforms used to envelop the A350’s fuselage must be positioned to the millimeter. Hence, the foundations and dimensions of the facilities’ concrete floor had to meet very specific requirements of stability and rigidity. The thickness of the flooring also varied from 18 centimeters in standard areas to 31 centimeters in zones where the tires and engines of the A350 and other heavy equipment exerted the most force on the ground. In total, almost 14,000 cubic meters of CEMEX resistant industrial ready-mix concrete flooring was poured—consistent with the project’s exacting specifications.

Furthermore, almost 13,000 cubic meters of CEMEX special liquid filling ready-mix concrete were used to bury 35 kilometers of utility tunnels and networks that run under the assembly workshops. These tunnels were set in some 2,700 cubic meters of CEMEX waterproof concrete, avoiding the need for a seal to provide protection from the rising water table. In addition, to construct the complex’s connecting buildings, including the west and north workshops, central operations office, and south and north carbon workshops, the company poured nearly 300 cubic meters of CEMEX self-leveling concrete for the state-of-the-art high-level beams and slabs.

As this important project illustrates, CEMEX continually works to develop solutions to customers’ increasing complex challenges based on the thorough knowledge and application of concrete technology. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and cutting-edge expertise, CEMEX constantly designs and develops special concrete products that fulfill customers’ demanding performance requirements.

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