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CEMEX upgrades commercial fleet in Spain with more ecological hybrid cars

Date published: May 18, 2011

CEMEX in Spain has upgraded its commercial fleet of 93 vehicles with new hybrid cars. The new fleet will provide the dual benefit of reducing long-term fuel costs as well as a drastic reduction in carbon emissions. The new fleet is expected to cut emissions by nearly a ton of CO2 a year and generate fuel savings of between 40 and 60%, in relation to the previous fleet.

CEMEX upgrades commercial fleet in Spain with more ecological hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are powered by both an electric engine and a combustion engine. This allows them to consume less fuel, generate fewer carbon emissions, and operate more quietly. The 93 vehicles are Auris Hybrid HSD models, manufactured by Toyota.

CEMEX is constantly seeking to improve its position as an efficient and sustainable company by implementing best practices across its global network of plants and facilities. In 2010, the company achieved a 20.5% reduction on CO2 net emissions per ton of cement produced relative to its 1990 baseline, allowing the avoidance of yearly emissions equivalent to that of 1.2 million vehicles. CEMEX is on track to reach its 25% reduction target by 2015.

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