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CEMEX and WRG named as preferred bidder for North Lincolnshire waste contract in the UK

Date published: May 4, 2011

CEMEX, in partnership with Waste Recycling Group (WRG) have been awarded preferred bidder status for North Lincolnshire Council’s 27–year waste contract. The contract will treat up to 1.5 million tons of residual household waste over its lifetime.

CEMEX and WRG named as preferred bidder for North Lincolnshire waste contract in the UK

In combination with CEMEX, WRG will use Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) to recover as much value from the residual waste as possible by converting it into Climafuel ©, an alternative fuel developed by CEMEX for use at their cement kilns at South Ferriby, Lincolnshire. Climafuel has been used successfully at this site as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as coal for almost five years.

“At a global level, CEMEX has been very successful in its use of alternative fuels. Our fuels substitution rate increased from 16.4% in 2009 to 20.3% in 2010, reducing the usage of an equivalent of 1.4 million tons of coal and avoiding 1.7 million tons of CO2 emissions. We have also decided to introduce a new target of 35% substitution rate for 2015, by far the most ambitious in the cement industry,” says CEMEX’s Vice President for Energy and Sustainability, Dr. Luis Farías.

The contract will have the combined benefit of reducing North Lincolnshire’s reliance on landfills — thus helping to meet tough Government landfill diversion targets and avoid Landfill Tax which is set to increase to £80 per ton — as well as displacing the use of fossil fuels in cement making.

“We have been steadily increasing the use of Climafuel at our South Ferriby plant and to be able to source more of it locally really is a win–win situation. The use of Climafuel displaces fossil fuels, reduces emissions, avoids landfill and increases recycling rates and is therefore a much more sustainable option for us and securing this contract to deal with the county’s waste represents a local solution to a local problem,” says CEMEX’s Technical Director in the UK, Neville Roberts.

Given the importance of the sustainability-related challenges that society is facing, CEMEX has integrated sustainability into its business strategy at a global level. The company’s sustainable development model ensures that it concentrates its efforts and resources on the issues of highest relevance to its business and greatest concern to its stakeholders.

CEMEX and WRG named as preferred bidder for North Lincolnshire waste contract in the UK

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