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CEMEX launches innovative sustainable concrete in Malaysia: Concrete NEXT

Date published: May 3, 2011

After months of extensive research and product testing, CEMEX in Malaysia launched Concrete NEXT, its newest and “greenest” product earlier this year. The introduction of Concrete NEXT is part of the Company’s commitment to continuously develop and market world class, innovative concrete solutions for today’s construction needs.

CEMEX launches innovative sustainable concrete in Malaysia: Concrete NEXT

The product provides optimum flexibility for construction applications. It offers high strength and resistance against thermal stress for long–term performance. Producing low heat and easy to handle, it is the cost-effective choice for use in all kinds of applications and for structural elements such as columns, beams and slabs, as well as basements and bored piles.

“This is the future of construction,” said Director for CEMEX in Malaysia Jose Marcelino Ugarte as he explained the industry’s adoption and steady move towards sustainable construction. “Builders and developers are looking beyond building strong, they are now also looking at building sustainably.”

Concrete NEXT was co–developed by scientists and technical experts from CEMEX in Malaysia and the Company’s Global Center for Technology and Innovation in Switzerland. It is manufactured using green technology and helps lessen CO2 emissions so builders are assured that their structures will have a reduced impact on the environment.

CEMEX is continually working not only to reduce the environmental impact of its production process, but also to enhance the attributes of its building materials to advance the sustainability of the structures built with them.

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