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CEMEX plants 50,000 trees in the UK

Date published: May 2, 2011

Over the last two years CEMEX in the UK has planted 50,000 trees at its operating sites throughout the country. The trees, equivalent to 32 football fields, are part of its land management and biodiversity strategy at its quarries, cement and ready-mix concrete plants.

CEMEX plants 50,000 trees in the UK

The trees are all native species and are chosen to enhance and blend with the surrounding landscape. The species planted include Oak, Hawthorne, Hazel and Silver Birch and many more, all determined by the end use of the land whether for leisure, agriculture or as a nature reserve.

“Trees are great for biodiversity, both aesthetically and in providing homes to wildlife. Woodland and other habitats can also absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide helping in the fight against climate change. The restoration of CEMEX quarries to the right priority habitats will support rare birds, bats and plants for our countryside and communities. It’s impressive that CEMEX is planting so many trees, in this the UN’s International Year of forests.” says Sam Tarrant, RSPB Biodiversity Advisor

Restoration provides a valuable and positive opportunity to create habitats that enhance biodiversity. An example of this is CEMEX Costessey Quarry in Norfolk, which is an operational site where the extraction of sand and gravel is continuing hand-in-hand with progressive restoration.

Each year approximately 90,000 tons of building materials are extracted from the quarry. In total over 10,000 trees will be planted on the site to provide coniferous and broadleaved woodlands featuring English Oaks, Silver Birch, Sweet Chestnut and Rowan complimented by edge scrub of Hazel, Holly and Crab Apple. The woodlands will be complemented with wetlands and heath margins.

Around the world, CEMEX works diligently to responsibly manage the land within and around its global operations to protect biodiversity and maximize its contribution to nature conservation. At year-end 2010, 85% of CEMEX active quarries had rehabilitation plans in place. CEMEX is on track to achieve its goal of 100% by 2015.

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