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CEMEX supplies 50,000m3 of concrete for one of the world’s top animal health institutes

Date published: April 29, 2011

CEMEX has supplied approximately 50,000 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete to the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI), one of the most important animal health institutes in the world, located in the small Baltic island of Riems in Germany. The high security complex for the research of animal diseases has 89 laboratories with 163 special animal holding pens.

General planner island Riems/GRAFfisch Greifswald

“With this building the construction supervision was especially strict and substantial. Each and every reinforcement layer and mounting part was checked before being placed into the concrete. Due to the future use of the building, the structural work has to comply with the highest standards,” says Friedhelm Meyer, Financial Director of Heitkamp Engineer and Power Plant Construction Ltd. NL Rostock, the project's contractor.

Construction supervision

As a state research institute and independent higher federal authority the FLI is part of the business unit of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Starting in 2012, specialists with different backgrounds will research a variety of animal diseases such as the Nipah virus, the Hendra virus, the Crimean-Congo fever, the West Nile virus, and bird flu. The FLI has the dual purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of livestock as well as protecting humans from zoonosis – infections transmitted from animals to humans.

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