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CEMEX launches ESW concrete an innovative acid-resistant ready-mix concrete in Germany

Date published: April 11, 2011

CEMEX in Germany has recently launched ESW concrete a new ready-mix concrete product with an increased resistance to acid. This innovative product was developed for the high requirements of customers with building projects like sewage installations and water purification plants. The new product can permanently resist chemicals without requiring additional corrosion protection measures.

CEMEX launches ESW concrete an innovative acid-resistant ready-mix concrete in Germany

ESW concrete differentiates itself from similar products in the market because it can be produced, transported, pumped, and installed like standard concrete, without generating additional expense for the customer.

The main difference of CEMEX´s new product to similar standards products in the market is that it can be produced, transported, pumped and installed without additional expenses like normal concrete and most importantly, it is conformed to industry standards representing a decisive stage for further development for possibilities in the construction industry. This is a significant advantage against standard products as they cannot be transported over long distances due to their lack of robustness.

ESW concrete allows the construction of maintenance-free components, which minimizes follow-up costs. With this product, customers are spared costly, time-consuming additional safety measures; it also shortens the time for project planning and construction, achieving a surface that boasts enhanced abrasion resistance next to increased acid resistance. The new building material allows for the stretching of inspection and maintenance intervals, which minimizes downtimes and revisions.

ESW concrete is already available in many parts of Germany.

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