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CEMEX provides white architectural concrete for Vienne Cultural Center in France

Date published: April 11, 2011

CEMEX is providing all the architectural white concrete for the new Cultural Center in the city of Vienne near Lyon in southeastern France. The center will be housed in a 5-story building that is 23 meters high, made with CEMEX’s specialty white concrete.

CEMEX provides white architectural concrete for Vienne Cultural Center in France

In order to produce white concrete, CEMEX uses its white cement, a highly specialized type of cement that is perfect for decorative purposes. Its strength and resistance is similar to that of grey cement, but its lack of pigment makes it ideal for mixing with colors, or using it as-is for stunningly-bright white finishes.

The Vienne Cultural Center was designed by the Lipa and Serge Goldstein Brothers, whose cube-shaped structure makes a unique and creative use of empty space. The contractors on the project were the Ribière Company, supported by the experience and know-how of CEMEX´s teams on-site.

Given the complexity of the connections between the external and the internal concrete elements, on-site pouring was deemed necessary for the construction of the grid. The two facades were built using seven blocks of different dimensions (the biggest was 24 m long). The formwork was placed over the entire height for the three levels of the grid. CEMEX was careful to proceed slowly (about eight meters every three hours) with bin pouring. Bins were used with sleeves that also added to the quality of the finished product by allowing the material to be applied in a precise and progressive manner.

The ten-meter high shapes that dominate the facades on the fourth and fifth levels were prefabricated on the ground with white concrete that has a different plasticity than the self-compacting white concrete used during pouring. The forms were then stripped and raised using two cranes.

There are many technical challenges involved in producing high-grade white cement, but CEMEX is one of the leading manufacturers of this product worldwide. The company is proud to have been a contributor to this great piece of architectural design and engineering execution.

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