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CEMEX establishes new production record in cement plant in the Philippines due to operational efficiency improvements

Date published: March 17, 2011

CEMEX in the Philippines has established a new record for cement production in its SOLID plant, thanks to a series of efficiency improvements. On March 10 of this year, the plant produced 6,467 tons of cement, topping the previous record of 6,139 tons set in March 2005.

The calciner

The changes implemented in the plant consisted of two main projects:

First, a modification to the calciner to improve the combustion process in order to increase production in the kiln as well as increased use of local coal, reducing the need for more expensive imported fuels. They also made modifications to the vortices of several of the cyclones in the plant’s preheater in order to improve their collection efficiency and to increase heat exchange, which lowered energetic consumption by 30-40 kilocalories per clinker kilogram. Together, these two actions resulted in an increased clinker production of 10%, equivalent to 100,000 tons of clinker annually; this increase in production made it possible for SOLID to reduce the expense of hauling clinker by sea from the CEMEX APO plant located in Cebu Island, 300 km Southwest from Manila.

Second, looking to lower clinker factor in cement, during the past few years CEMEX Philippines has been increasing production of blended cement based on pozzolana addition, but grinding wet pozzolna drastically affects cement mill performance. To address that problem the company developed a project to install a pozzolana dryer. This resulted in an improvement in cement mill performance by increasing the plant’s grinding capacity by 19%, which translates to a production increase of 300,000 tons of cement annually.

“Our expert technicians assessed the situation and found great ways to optimize efficiency and increase production. The modification of the calciner and preheater proved 100% successful, as did the proposal to dry pozzolana,” says Jaime Ruiz de Haro, President of CEMEX Philippines and Asia Region. “None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our people.”

CEMEX continuously seeks to improve its performance as an efficient, agile, and innovative company by identifying, sharing, and implementing best practices across its global network of plants and facilities. The company’s industry-best processes allow it to satisfy the needs of its customers while using the optimal amount of resources, thus creating the most value.

CEMEX in the Philippines

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