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CEMEX White Cathedra celebrates tenth anniversary alongside prestigious architects

Date published: March 4, 2011

The CEMEX White Cathedra is celebrating its tenth anniversary at Valencia Polytechnic University with a series of lectures by noted architects and an exposition of the most outstanding works resulting from this project.

CEMEX White Cathedra celebrates tenth anniversary alongside prestigious architects

Catedra Blanca or White Cathedra is an ongoing initiative coordinated by the CEMEX Foundation in Spain in partnership with several Architecture Schools in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Its intention is to disseminate knowledge about the characteristics of white cement among last-year students, as well as in relation to applied end-of-course projects. Among its participants is an interdisciplinary team integrated by professors, nationally and internationally recognized specialists, and technical experts from CEMEX. The study plan is complemented by conferences, visits to the most advanced facilities, as well as day trips to the most symbolic white architecture buildings in Spain.

“The objective of the cathedra is to impart future architects with knowledge that will truly allow them to have first-hand knowledge of the latest architectural techniques developed by the most qualified professionals,” says Joaquin Estrada, President of CEMEX in Spain.

The tenth anniversary of the Cathedra coincides with the Substance and Form lectures celebrated every two years at Valencia Polytechnic University, since 2001. This edition, which will take place on March 3, 4, and 5, unites eight architects from Spain, Brazil, and Portugal who will show architecture students the details of their latest projects which showcase white or colored cement. Celebrated Spanish architect Antonio Cruz will present his latest work, the expansion of the SBB Train Station in Basel, Switzerland, winner of the 2008 Andalucia Prize.

Additionally, the University and CEMEX have joined forces to inaugurate “Ten Years of White Cathedra” an exposition that will take visitors through the most important projects that have resulted from a decade of the cathedra.

“The dedication of the University, its students, the speakers, and other collaborators has made the Cathedra possible, because without them we would never have been able to develop this project,” says Mr. Estrada.

CEMEX is one of the world's largest producers of white cement. Customers use this specialty product in architectural works requiring great brightness and artistic finishes, to create mosaics and artificial granite, and for sculptural casts and other applications where white prevails.

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